Celebrate freedom

The next level in boating and yachting

    Group of friends gather together in a boat celebrating.

    Your boat, our network.
    A promising friendship.

    Passion for excellence, beauty and power. That is the Sailside way. If you share this passion with us and you own a boat, then let us help you capitalize on it. Getting on board with us means opening up a worldwide network of clients.

    Rest assured and let your vessel join our fleet while you get to hand over the hard work, keep your earnings, and retain ultimate control of what happens to your property.

    Step 1

    Pick your personal paradise.

    Global exploration awaits.

    Step 2

    Discover the perfect boat.

    With all the amenities you’d expect, and more.

    Step 3

    Pick a date and time.

    Going for a full vacation or a day trip?

    Step 4

    Sail away!

    Embark on your Seaside experience.